Digital Communication Agency

Whether you are a local entrepreneur, international startup or established company the company advises you on strategic alignment and how to use it successfully in your digital communication. The goal is to strike the right balance between creativity and efficient processes.

What makes a message stand out in a digital world? A clear profile, strong visibility in the relevant media and an iterative approach to implementation.

International Kiez Talk with Daniel and Olaf

The podcast is the result of a range of conversations with entrepreneurs and creative people from the local community. The primary goal is to understand what a successful strategy looks like for our guests – and what factors, skills and processes have contributed to their success in business.

The podcast has several series dedicated to a specific hashtag.

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Working Dad

Daniel Zinner, CEO and father, reflects on the challenges of compatibility in personal and professional life. In the podcast, he openly discusses time management and maintaining a healthy work-life balance while nurturing family relationships.

Future of Work in Industrial Manufacturing

Discover the link between New Work and digitalization in the STRYZA Podcast. Daniel discusses with Max Steinhoff (CEO & Co-Founder of STRYZA) how to build a growth-focused company with modern tools and optimised processes.

Growing the company with international talent

In All Remote Podcast, Daniel discusses how companies can leverage international talent with people mobility. He provides insights for HR professionals to foster a positive employee experience within diverse teams.

Relocating to Germany & Founding your own business

Join Daniel and Sarah in a conversation about the relocation process for individuals and families. They discuss the benefits of the Ark One app by Noah Mobility and share insights on establishing a company in Germany as an international entrepreneur.

Digital HR Services for Mittelstand

Daniel talks about practical solutions, integration possibilities, and the shift in mindset required for successful digitization. He also addresses the importance of the international talent pool for overcoming the labour shortage in Germany.